The History Of Flight Simulator Games

Flight simulators are virtual tools that are designed to teach the user how to fly an aircraft without the risk. When you are learning how to fly professionally or for fun, you cannot buckle yourself into a 747 and expect to catch on in a matter of minutes. Flying an aircraft is not like riding a bike; one small mistake can have serious consequences. This is why flight simulator games were created to help teach training pilots how to fly. Learn about the history of flight simulation and see just how much it has advanced over the years.

The first known arcade game to use flight simulation was Jet Rocket. This simulator was released by Sega in 1970 and was designed as a form of entertainment and not training. The game featured a cockpit complete with all of the controls and a basic and stationary landscaping scene on the screen. Players could shoot missiles and explode targets before their eyes.

The advancement of these types of games brought the release of Jet Rocket making way for a whole genre of combat simulator games. The next popular game to hit the arcades was Interceptor made by Taito in 1975. This first-person shooter took flight simulation to a new level and used a joystick so the player could aim at enemy aircraft and disintegrate them in mid-air.

It was not until the 1980s that flight simulator games were made for personal computers. They have remained very popular on personal computers to this day. The first PC game to hit the market was subLOGIC. The subLOGIC game, created by Bruce Artwick, has basic graphics, real world scenery, and a mock control panel. The creator made several different versions of subLOGIC for Mac computers and later for IBM compatible computers. The IBM compatible versions were licensed under Microsoft as Flight Simulator 1.00. The company later released 2.0 and 3.0 versions with more aircraft options and better graphics.

After PC games, came more advanced games for playing consoles in the home. Sega released a flight simulator game in 1987 that was titled After Burner. This combat game used a joystick and was widely popular on the Genesis and later the PlayStation. Super Nintendo also released a game called Pilotwings. This game helped the player earn their pilot license by completing flight lessons that were built into the game.

These types of games may have started out slow but they have graduated into a huge market. They are designed to entertain you and teach you what it feels like to control an actual aircraft. New simulator games have advanced so much that you will really feel like you are controlling a plane. If you choose the right game, you can use controls that are found in actual cockpits and select the weather and time of day you want to fly. You can even fly over your house and see it with satellite technology. The world of flight games will continue to grow.

Deciding Whether or Not the Most Realistic Flight Simulator Games Are Really the Best

Since the available flight simulator games on the market continue to develop and improve they are becoming increasingly popular with each passing year. Another great feature is that they are actually a great way to be able to introduce different flights and special features to pilots. Plus they are far more cost effective then offering these same trainings in the air.

So with all of these features, each year more and more flight simulators games are introduced to the market. Some of these are considered to be games while others are just considered to be trainings or other features. There are many different types of simulators released and updated each year.

However with so much detail being paid to the graphics of the game it might be questionable as to whether or not these are really the best choices in games. In some cases the games really are the best choices for flight simulators but in others the flight simulators that are not games might be the better choice. The best way to find out about how the games are in comparison to flying is to see if any real pilots have left reviews online.

By reading reviews from real pilots you can see how the simulator compares to actually flying a real aircraft. Plus you can also read whether or not the simulator is approved of and liked by people who are not pilots. So, you can find out which flight simulator games is going to be realistic enough for you but still enjoyable as well.

Some of the things to consider with flight simulator games are the graphics as they can make the games more realistic. This means that you might be able to find a great flight simulator that will be more realistic without the different graphics that are available. In many opinions the best choices for both of these are with the games that feature three dimensional scenery and aircraft.

With the three dimensional games you will be able to figure out the best choices in how to actually fly. So when you are playing the game you will be playing with controls and a cockpit that are realistic and have all of the features of the real ones. In addition though there are some things that you should look for when you are making sure that thing are realistic enough.

There are many features on the instrument panel of aircraft in flight simulator games that are important to make the games realistic and these include the altitude indicator, an indicator for airspeed and velocity ranges, a turn indicator, an inclometer (showing whether or not the rudders and ailerons are lined up appropriately), an altimeter (showing the height that you are flying above sea level), speed indicator for vertical measures, gauge showing rotations per minute, a compass (gyro type is the one that you want most), an ignition switch, a radio communication device, the ability to use autopilot, and a throttle/mixture/flap control. Once all of these are present you can rest assured that you have one of the best available games.

Flight Simulator Games: Make Yourself Proud With The Adventure

Most of the individuals have thought about being a pilot from their childhood. But due to different issues they could not take the field as their career. But realistic flight simulator is an attempt of fulfilling the dreams. An aviation enthusiast can easily get an online activity of flying planes. Even if you are not connected to aviation industry, you will be in a position to have fun by playing flight simulator games online. You will definitely enjoy a lot once you get engaged with the act of flying your aeroplane within clouds.

Advantage of flight simulator games

You will be able to practice these games in an ease at your home comfort. You don’t have to be a pilot or a flight lieutenant to play this game. This would help an individual to simulate a helicopter, hot air balloon, fixed wing aircraft etc. Thus the player can easily choose the type of vehicle they wish to fly. Since the vehicles online provides the shape of realistic flight model, the user will feel really enthusiastic about the game. You will be able to get global airspace map before playing this game online.

Benefits of the dreamers in realistic flight simulator

Flying real plane in skies has always been the dream of many youngsters. Even the college going student dreams about getting aviation as their career. The encouragement received from flight simulator games will definitely help the young students to achieve success in their career. The powerful and improved techniques included in flying games would help you to rejuvenate your mind. Just after coming back from job, you must feel tired and stressed out. You can now provide a great stimulation to your nerve once you carry on with flight simulator games.

Professional pilots are trained with the help of large flight simulator. Now you can be the virtual pilot in the space with 3D movement. There are scopes of playing the game alone as well as with the help of other friends. Virtual helicopters as well as air buses are available to provide you with zeal.

Realistic flight simulator for real adventure

There are many activities which provide a great adventure to people around. Some of the people in the society get immense pleasure with the activity of ski diving where as other gets pleasure in under water ride. But you can now get a wonderful activity with the help of online games related to flight simulation. You don’t need to own an aircraft or be a pilot of the same to be a realistic flight simulator. They are generally the trained pilots used in the time of emergency. You will feel really proud to be such pilots even if it is an online game.

You can now play as a pilot with everything intact. Your protection cover, seat belt etc would look like a realistic event. You will be enjoying the drive once you get up in the helicopter and get up high in the sky. You will move with the clouds and birds.